Saturday, June 5, 2010

Georgia State adds 3 more transfers

Earlier this week we told you that former Alabama QB and 4-Star recruit Star Jackson was officially transferring to Georgia State. Now we have learned that  3 more FBS players have transferred to Georgia State and will be eligible to play in the fall. They are Joseph Gilbert (Georgia Tech), Clyde Yandell (Georgia Tech) and Bailey Woods (Auburn). All 3 players will have 2 years of eligibility remaining.

Joseph Gilbert started 26 games for Georgia Tech at right tackle. He redshirted as a freshman and then started 26 of the last 27 games for Tech. When Gilbert came out of High School he was ranked as a 2-Star recruit by rivals and a 3-Star recruit by scout. I've read that he graduated early and was struggling to get accepted into the GT graduate program and made the decision to transfer earlier this year. No matter how you stack it up (and Tech fans were split on the message board I read- probably some sour grapes from some) losing a two-year starter hurts for Tech. If they had someone better on campus he would have been playing already. On the flip side this is a great pick-up for Georgia State.

Clyde Yandell also redshirted as a freshman but he saw only spot duty at tackle during the last two seasons. Scout had him listed as a 3-Star recruit and the 38th best OT when he came out of High School. Rivals also had him listed as a 3-Star recruit.

Bailey Woods played special teams last year for Auburn as a redshirt sophmore. He's a Tight End from Walton High School who rivals ranked as a 4-Star recruit and the #7 TE in the Nation when he came out. Scout had him as a 3-Star and the #27 TE prospect. Woods link to Georgia State is his father. His father is Jim Woods. Jim Woods played for Bill Curry at Georgia Tech when Curry was the Offensive Line coach back in the 70s. Woods graduated from Auburn in May and has two years of eligibility left at Georgia State.

Georgia State is looking up on offense. They just picked up a QB, a TE and two Offensive Tackles. While 3 of the players didn't play much at their schools I'm sure they picked up some great experience about playing at the FBS level that will help them this year at the FCS level.


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