Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Favorite Moment of the 2009 season

Hello all, I'm Chris Hatcher, one of the new bloggers for College Football Zealots. I first wanted to thank Kevin for affording me the opportunity to blog about something I love...COLLEGE FOOTBALL BABY (a little bit of Corso). Kevin sent us a topic for this week, asking us to tell about our favorite moment of the 2009 here it goes.

Even though I am a diehard Virginia Tech Hokie, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a better ending to a game than the Hokies had against Nebraska in 2009, I'm going with another game that the blackshirts played in. That's right, the Big XII Championship Game. It was a true pleasure as a college football fan to see Ndamukong Suh TAKE OVER a game as important as this one, especially from the DT position. I didn't hide it at all that I felt Suh should have been toting the Heisman after this game, even though Ingram was good all season long too.

This game was ugly, gritty, and a defensive battle (a couple of things I'm very familiar with from watching Hokie football). It was on later than the more high profile SEC Championship, but have no doubt, it was just as important. It was almost a defining career moment for Colt McCoy in a BAD way when he milked the clock a little too much and the Cornhuskers ran on the field celebrating. But after a review, the refs determined :01 should be put back up on the clock, which allowed Texas to kick a field goal and escape with a 12-10 victory. From a college football fan's objective perspective, that was the game of the year.

However, it did feel good to get the win against the Huskers (who by the way had some of the classiest fans I have EVER met), especially in the way we did. It felt like karma played a part in that one because it was almost identical to the game in 2007 where BC's Matt Ryan engineered two fourth-quarter drives in the last 6 minutes, the last one coming with :14 seconds left, to come from behind and beat the Hokies.

Also, it was GREAT to be able to shut up all of the Tennessee fans who had been talking trash for years with a win in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. For someone who grew up basically equidistant to Knoxville and Blacksburg, you can't even imagine how sweet that was. To add to the joke, all of the Vols' fans were talking about their love affair with Kiffin only to find out Kiffin was cheating on them with his former school USC. That one ended quickly.


Kevin said...

Welcome to the blog! Nice to have you on board. A Virginia Tech fan praising Ndamukong Suh, bashing Lane Kiffin and bringing up Matt Ryan (I am a Falcons fan). Nice debut.

chicagomaroon said...

Haha...I try to keep an even keel for al of the fans out there that think "we're the best. The world of college football starts and stops with us!" I am a diehard Virginia Tech fan, but admittedly, we're not the best, and many people don't even know where Blacksburg is. So no point to go out there and make ridiculous comments like that, you know? Thanks for the support, and I hope you keep reading!

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