Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Morning Links

- put together a bunch of good info about the spring in this SEC Spring Football Notes article.

- The Sporting News has a chart up for Spring Game attendance for the past 3 years here. Four of the top 10 teams this year were from the SEC.

- Mr College Football, Tony Barnhardt, gives us his pre-season ACC and SEC Champs. He goes with North Carolina, Florida State, Alabama, and Florida.

- Inside the Ville says former UGA QB Zach Mettenberger, who has recently been banned from Valdosta, is taking a visit to Louisville. This could be very interesting as Louisville has a couple of dates with UGA in the future.

- Team Speed Kills has a crazy fan post about expansion that ends up with the SEC East as Florida, Georgia, FSU, Miami and Georgia Tech.

- Mr.SEC notes that Bobby Petrino's Arkansas house is for sale! Does this mean he's planning on ducking out on the Hogs mid-season?

- Top Ranked QB recruit Christian LeMay from North Carolina chooses Georgia.

- An Akron player is transfer after receiving a text message from his coach that was not meant for him. 

- South Carolina rewards mediocrity by giving six assistants raises.

- SIs Andy Staples has already put out his pre-season Top 25.

- For you gamers (myself included) takes a sneak peak at the upcoming NCAA Football 11 from EA Sports. I should mention that Tebow is the cover boy.

- Lane Kiffin defeated Danica Patrick 56% to 44% in the round of 32 in Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive Poll.


Troy said...

I'm looking forward to NCAA 11

Kevin said...

What system do you play on?

Troy said...


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