Thursday, May 6, 2010

UNC Q&A Part 1

What are the major strengths of the team?

Defense, defense, and more defense. Nine of 12 returning from last year. Key names to watch out for are Marvin Austin (DT), Bruce Carter (LB), Robert Quinn (DE), Quan Sturdivant (LB), and Deunta Williams (FS). All five of them are projected to go high in next year's NFL Draft.

What are the major weaknesses of the team?

Offensive line. They lost two of their best linemen and are still battling injures. Everyone should be good to go come kickoff, but it's uncertain. The positive thing coming from this is they recruited two linemen who are expected to do very well.

Looking at the schedule who will be the first major test?

LSU. Looking at the preseason rankings from the media, I'd say LSU's vastly overrated. The only thing that looked good from their spring game was the running game and that makes you question how good that defense is going to be after losing six guys. I still think it's going to be a tough game because they have lots of potential talent.

What team on the schedule do you fear the most?

FSU. They've never beaten FSU. Christian Ponder had a field day in the second half of last year's game in a comeback win on the road. This year the game will be in Tallahassee and will feature the ACC's best offense vs. best defense. FSU's defense is going to be better and I think this will be UNC's toughest game of the season.

Who is the best player on your team that nobody outside of the state talks about?

Shaun Draughn (HB). He got injured early on last year and returns for his senior year. In 2008, he ran for 198 carries, 866 yards, and three touchdowns. He's apart of Thunder & Lightning (w/Ryan Houston (FB)) and is looking to bounce back from his injury.

Who is the best offensive player on the team?

Greg Little (WR). 62 receptions for 724 yards and five touchdowns last season. He provided a much needed spark in what little offense they had. He's pretty big at 6'3", 215 lbs. Great athlete all around. Started off as a HB, but was moved to WR due to the lack of weapons. He's good at getting open and is capable of dominating.

Part two to follow..


Kevin said...

I don't know a lot about UNC so this is good info. They've never beaten FSU? That's crazy especially considering the mediocrity FSU has been stuck in lately.

Troy said...

I take that back. We're 1-15 vs. FSU. We routed them in 2001 41-9.

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