Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Football Pick'ems Week 1 Results

We had 34 people compete in our Week One Pick'ems over at Fox Sports. Below you will find the 11 best prognosticators from last week. I used correct picks as the first criteria and then utilized the "bonus points" to break any ties. Funny note about the "bonus points". You would think that the guy that set up the Pick'ems would have remembered to put in the bonus points. The top spot this week went to the man behind the pro-UCLA, anti-USC blog The Trojan-Haters Club (he was 1 of only 2 people to pick EVERY game correctly). Some other noteables were Brian from the Syracuse based blog Orange: 44 and the South Carolina based blog Leftover Hot Dogs. Based on week one results it seems like these guys know their college football so I would suggest dropping by their blogs for some studying. Also, solid performance from our own Zealots, J Martin and Ross.

Top Performers: Correct Picks: Bonus Points:
1. Trojan Hater ( 22 275
2. Jesse Groce (Jess 4) 22 44
3. Roy Smith (BSU Boyz) 21 273
3. Brian Harrison (Orange44) 21 273
3. Ross (CFBZ) 21 273
6. J Martin (CFBZ) 21 272
6. Mark Moran (Left of Center) 21 272
8. Jonathon Thornhill (ChaCha) 21 270
8. Juan Heredia (TexMex) 21 270
10. Leftover Hot Dog 21 269
11. David Cosgrove (outabounds) 21 266

If I left anyone out of our top performers (or couldn't tell what blog you represent) drop me an e-mail or just post a comment and I will get it fixed.


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