Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Source: A.J. Green will be cleared tomorrow

"The King of College Football" Chuck Oliver is reporting that A.J. Green will be cleared tomorrow. Oliver says that Green sold a jersey for $1,000 and has now repaid that and also sat out a game. Not sure the punishment fits the crime, but it's the NCAA so what do you expect. I'm not clear on NCAA rules but doesn't the team give jersey's to the players. If so, wouldn't it be his to do with what he wants?


J.Martin said...

I'm assuming they ruled that by profiting from his jersey sale he received an extra benefit from his athletic notoriety.

To answer something Oliver questioned: Players "repay" the benefit by donating whatever the NCAA-determined value is to charity. I believe the NCAA has it's own "charity fund" that the players can give it to in order to simplify the process.

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