Sunday, September 12, 2010

College Football Pick'ems Week 2 Results

Our very own J Martin continued his good streak of picks as he tied for 1st place last week with 18 correct picks and pulled into the lead in the overall rankings. Mark Raines of the Cincinnati based BearcatMark's Blog had a great week as he tied for 1st with 18 correct picks. The UCLA based (and anti-USC) blog The Trojan Hater's Club came in 2nd in the overall rankings with another strong showing.

Week 2 Top 5: Correct Picks: Bonus Pts:
Stan Jimbo (Pete Carroll is a Weenie) 18 206
Thomas Bates (Beach Bums) 18 201
Victor Medina (Si_Se_Puede) 18 201
J Martin (CFBZ) 18 197
Mark Raines (Bearcatmark) 18 197

Overall Leaderboard: Correct Picks: Bonus Pts:
1. J Martin (CFBZ) 39 469
2. Trojan Hater ( 38 472
3. Thomas Bates (Beach Bums) 38 470
4. David Cosgrove (outabounds) 38 466


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