Thursday, August 5, 2010

John Brantley & 2010 Florida Gators Are Armed with Surprises

It has to be uncomfortable being in the shoes of FL Gators quarterback, John Brantley. Today the fourth year junior faced the media, and I'm sure Brantley was a bit perturbed. For months leading up to the FL Gator fall practice there have been doubts circulating. Can John Brantley get it done this year? It has got to be uncomfortable going from a state record setting QB from Ocala, to a huge question mark.

Sure filling the shoes of Tim Tebow is a daunting task, but John Brantley is confident of his situation. "For the first day, we looked pretty good. I was real happy with it. We're just going to keep getting better from here on out." The FL Gators were led by one of the game's greatest players in Tebow. Now its time to move on. It's Brantley's team now. He really shouldn't have that tough of a time and he knows it. "Having those playmakers around me makes it easier on me," Brantley said.

Tim Tebow will go on to do well in the NFL, and I remember a time when I didn't think the FL Gators could replace Wuerfful. "Tebow was a once in a lifetime quarterback. You can never replace a player like that," guard Carl Johnson said. "The offensive line believes in him (Brantley) and everyone is buying into the system." Center Mike Pouncey is even high on the abilities of his new quarterback, stating, "..Johnny B is going to hold his own and everyone is going to be surprised how he plays." Not bad when a key player on your O-line thinks that.

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Kevin Timothy said...

Great pick in Chas Henry. In a few games last year I thought he was the MVP! Putting the ball deep behind the 20 with regularity will be key. The more opportunities, the better. Especially for the young guys. They need all the opps they can get to help boost their confidence. And Chas can provide that with his long and accurate punts. Long fields for the opposing offense, and more stops.

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