Sunday, April 25, 2010

Georgia Bulldogs picked in the 2010 NFL Draft

Despite not having any players picked in the first two rounds, the University of Georgia still had 5 players picked in the NFL draft this year.

Rennie Curran, LB, Tennessee Titans, Round 3, Pick 33

I was a little surprised to see Rennie picked before Reshad Jones and Jeff Owens but he definitely deserves it. It's a shame we can't see Rennie line up in Grantham's 3-4 but think he will fit in just fine with the Titans. ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky compares him to undersized LBs Gary Brackett and Sam Mills. Sounds like the Titans really like him and he should start out on Special Teams with a chance to earn some playing time at LB. Before the Falcons picked Spoon I was thinking Rennie would be a really good pick for the Falcons in the 3rd, 4th or 5th round.

Geno Atkins, DL, Cincinnati Bengals, Round 4, Pick 120

I was again surprised that Atkins went before Owens. Not because Atkins doesn't deserve it but because I had actually heard that Owens was being looked at for a late first round pick at one point so I figured at minimum he would be gone by now. This looks like a good fit as the Bengals need depth at this position. I don't know if Geno will ever be a star but I think he can be a very productive guy in the right system. Tim Tucker from the AJC reported that the Bengals did not interview or work Geno out so they must have really liked what they saw on film.

Reshad Jones, S, Miami Dolphins, Round 5, Pick 163

Reshad has to be disappointed that he didn't go until the 5th round. I really wish he would have stayed around for his final year because I think Scott Lakatos could have done wonders for his game. Reshad is a guy that has a ton of talent and showed flashes of greatness but ultimately was never coached up while he was on campus. ESPN blogger Tim Graham thinks Reshad could find his way into the starting line-up as the Dolphins have some issues at Safety. The Dolphins moved up in the draft in order to get Reshad so it's clear that they like him and really valued him at this position.

Jeff Owens, DL, Philadelphia Eagles, Round 7, Pick 243

Owens falling to the seventh round was a shock to me. Owens can definitely play in the NFL. I think this one could end up being a steal for the Iggles.

Kade Weston, DL, New England Patriots, Round 7, Pick 258

I'm really happy to see Kade picked. I believed we would have 3 DL taken and I was right. Kade has to be happy that he ended up with a quality franchise like the Patriots. Hopefully he can catch on and have a successful career.

Also per his twitter account it seems that WR Michael Moore will be teaming up Matthew Stafford and try to make the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent. Mark Weiszer also noted on twitter that S Bryan Evans was signing with the Cincinnati Bengals and CB Prince Miller with the Baltimore Ravens.


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