Friday, April 30, 2010

Mark Richt Conference Call Notes

Hat Tip to Team Speed Kills for passing on the link to the SEC coaches teleconferences at Here are my notes from the call with Coach Mark Richt.

- Richt loves Todd Grantham's experience (coached with Beamer, Saban, Crennell). Has a great wealth of knowledge and football IQ. He is a great communicator, has a strong presence and a high level of energy and intensity.

- Logan Gray wants to play and right now he's not sure that he can. Richt has made it clear that they have a post-spring depth chart but they have not named any starters including QB. He is trying to decide where he wants to be and what position he wants to play. If he wants to be at Georgia, Richt will work with him on what position he plays. This type of thing happens a lot more than anybody knows. We are certainly a better team with him then without him. There is no time table for his decision. With or without Logan there will be a tremendous amount of inexperience at the QB position.

- Has always wanted to recruit Georgia first butometimes in the past they've gone out of state first. During these first two weeks they are going to hammer Georgia and do it in mass numbers. They must recruit out of state but if they go out of state the recruit better be special.

- Trintan Strudivant is expected to be ready by pre-season. He has been making very good progress. Feels like this repair feels different and better to him. They will take their time with him to make sure he is healthy.

- AJ Green is one of the best players in the country and if he can help them win in an area then they should look at it. Richt would not be against him returning kicks if it will help them win. He's not worried about injuries, he could get hurt trying to catch a ball as a receiver. If he's the best at that skill then they will use him for that.

- Richt sees Conference expansion as doubtful but hasn't really read up on it. He would be surprised if it happened any time soon. Thinks the format with 6 teams on each side and the Championship Game is a great format. If you expand you don't get to play everybody and it's almost like two different leagues.

- Lost some outstanding players on the interior defensive line. Personnel wise feels they have some pretty good players they are counting on to step up. The defense is brand new but there are a bunch of good players. There is some difference in what is expected in guys in the 3-4. Guys like Justin Houston and Cornelius Washington will do more in pass coverage whereas they were primarily pass rushers last year.

- Escalating assistant coaching salaries are the way things are going. It's the market. Has no problem with the escalating salaries due to revenues brought in by SEC football and the pressure on the coaches.


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