Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UNC Q&A Part 2

Who is the best defensive player on the team?

Robert Quinn (DE). Silent, but violent. He sits third on Mel Kiper's board for 2011. Very quick, great tackler. He's worth a YouTube search.

What player has the biggest ability to impact the game by himself?

Zack Pianalto (TE). He was TJ's favorite target last season. He's capable of breaking out for big yardage if he catches one in the open.

What player(s) needs to step up this year in order for the team to reach it's full capability?

TJ Yates (QB). He had the best completion percentage rate before he got injured in '08. He also had that with good WRs and a healthy offensive line. Last season he struggled with young wideouts and an injured o-line. This season should be different. He still has Pianalto and found Greg Little. The rest are a little more grown up and the o-line is expected to be close to 100%.

Who is the top offensive newcomer that can make an impact this year (freshman, redshirt freshman or JUCO)?

TJ Leifheit (OL). He was highly recruited by Butch Davis and may get significant playing time depending on the line situation. He has an opportunity to step in and possibly start.

Who is the top defensive newcomer that can make an impact this year (freshman, redshirt freshman or JUCO)?

Mywan Jackson (CB). Had two interceptions in the spring game. I doubt he'll see much playing time, but it's possible if someone gets hurt. Looked to have a lot of potential.

What are you overall thoughts on your coaching staff?

Butch Davis (HC) - Great defensive minded coach.

John Shoop (OC) - I question him at times, but overall I'd say he's a good coach. He's conservative, but likes to throw in a couple tricks every now and then. If he has the people in the right place and they're doing their job, he can be a great coach.

Everett Withers (DC) - Probably one of the best DCs in the nation you've never heard of. He was mentioned for HC jobs and offered one to which he declined. He knows how to get his defense fired up.

Gut feeling on the teams final record at the end of the regular season?

9-3. Wins over LSU, GT, Rutgers, ECU, Clemson, UVA, William & Mary, NCSU, and Duke. Losses at Miami, at FSU, and home vs. VT.


Brandon said...

Is John Blake still on the UNC Coaching Staff? Bill Callahan did a lot of stupid things, but one of the better things he did was hiring him to help with recruiting as he is fantastic at it.

Troy said...

He is.

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