Sunday, June 20, 2010

CFB Zealot Analytics

Carolyn Todd, author of the Penn State blog View From The Stands, turned me onto Google Analytics as a free way to track many things involving your website. I signed up for the service very late on June 10th so we basically have 10 days of data. I find the information very informative (but I am probably in the minority on that) and  I might share this info weekly or monthly depending on if there is any interest in it.

Most Popular Content:
1. Texas Tech Red Raiders Pre-Season Preview
2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Pre-Season Preview
3. Troy Trojans Pre-Season Preview
4. Auburn Tigers Pre-Season Preview
5. South Carolina Gamecocks Pre-Season Preview
6. UGA Super Sophomores
7. Jarvis Jones will transfer to UGA or FSU
8. South Florida Bulls Pre-Season Preview
9. Mississippi Rebels Pre-Season Preview
10. Utah Utes Pre-Season Preview

Top Traffic Sources*
1. Go Troy Trojans (Independent Troy Web Site and Message Board)
2. Double T Nation (Texas Tech SB Nation Blog)
3. From The Rumble Seat (Georgia Tech SB Nation Blog)
4. Leather Helmet Blog (Independent UGA/SEC Blog)
5. Block U (Utah SB Nation Blog)

Most Visits by State:
1. Georgia
2. Texas
3. Alabama
4. Florida
5. California
6. Ohio
7. South Carolina
8. Tennessee
9. New York
10. North Carolina

Other Notes:
- We have had visitors from 11 different countries (US, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand and Chile).
- We have had visitors from 41 different states.
- We had more Android users than iPhone users.
- Visitors connected to us through Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Samsung mobile devices.
- Linkers from the Toledo Rockets website Let's Go Rockets spent the longest amount of time on the site.
- We received visitors from 46 different sources/links over the last 10 days.
- 43% of our visits have come via the Internet Explorer browser, Mozilla Firefox was second with 32%.

*these are the top college football websites that drove traffic to our site. I am not including google (wish was the number one method outside of direct contact to the site), feedburner (rss feeds, readers, etc) and twitter which all would have ranked in the Top 10.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Kevin! I'm a stats guy so I love seeing this. Can't believe the site gets that much love from Toledo fans. Oh well, at least there's more Android and iPhone users. lol

Kevin said...

I have 5 MAC previews up so that is probably why the Toledo fans spent the most amount of time on the site. They are scouting their opponents!

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