Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Morning Links

OL Hunter Long becomes UGA's 13th Commitment.

Mr SEC takes a look at the Top 5 DE signees for 2010 in the SEC.

Team Speed Kills looks at the talent on SEC rosters by average star rankings.

Jaime Newberg, who I did not know was with ESPN now (he was on the radio in Atlanta a lot a few years ago), looks at Derek Dooley's new recruiting philosophy.

AMC is close to signing a deal to start a college football drama.

The Sporting News interviews Nick Saban.

Chris Low  is counting down the Top 25 players of the SEC and right now he's at #8.

Boston College and Notre Dame extend their series for 6-more games.

In case you missed it our very own Alabama blogger has a piece up on Alabama's X-Factor.

5 college football movies as recommended by Not sure I agree with The Blind Side, probably one of the most overrated movies of the past 10 years (not that it was horrible, it just wasn't good).

NCAA 11 comes out in mid-July and it's always fun to take a look at the ratings of the different players/teams. PastaPadre has most of the team ratings at his site.


Brandon said...

Apparently EA Sports didn't watch any of Nebraska's offensive series last year; I mean really? An A- on offense, but a B+ on Defense?

J.Martin said...

I'm pretty excited about the new zone blocking and hurry-up systems in NCAA 11. If only my PS3 hadn't gotten the yellow light a week ago...

Kevin said...

The yellow light. Doh! I've had mine for a year and a half and haven't had any major problems (cross fingers). What's your PSN handle?

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