Thursday, June 17, 2010

Muskegon, Michigan Athlete Impresses the Gators This Summer

There's a new name that seems to be constantly coming up around Gator camp this summer and its Willie Snead. The 5'11", 175lb ATH out of Muskegon, Michigan is dropping jaws and popping eyes with his ability. When he's not running past defenders with his blazing speed, he's confusing them with his excellent route running ability. Everyone at camp is raving about how he stops on a dime and changes directions.

Snead is the son of former Florida Gator, Willie Snead III, who played for them in the 1980's. With offers from Cincinatti, Toledo, Ball State, Michigan State, Troy, LSU, Georgia, FIU, and Bowling Green, Snead is no lock to be in the orange and blue just yet. But be proud of our recruiting efforts. Premier athletes in that town usually end up going to MSU or Ohio State. His father swears that he has nothing to do with him working out with he Gators. "He's much better than I was.", Snead III said. As a junior for Muskegon Heights High, he played quarterback and these were his stats:

139/188 on passes for 2,937 yards and 30 touchdowns. He also rushed for 1,120 yards and 15 scores.

Now that's just crazy! What's more astonishing is that his high school is known more for their basketball prowess, while rival Muskegon High School has the football accolades. I was fortunate enough to find this video for you. I really like this kid's versatility to play both sides of the ball. As you're watching, pay particular attention to how he explodes on a kid near the line of scrimmage at the 4:40 mark. What a shame! I'll be thinking about that for at least a week.


Kevin said...

Just what Florida needs. More team speed.....

Anonymous said...

A veteran offensive line returns to open holes for those guys, too!

Kevin said...

I'm really interested to see what happens if Brantley struggles. He's been in the system for a while and is a talented kid but he's never been the "guy". And there is a bunch of talk about Urban using a TE (I think that's the position) to run the Tebow plays at QB.

I think Florida has done a good job scheduling this year and they open up with an easy SEC slate (Tennessee and Kentucky; Tennessee will still be trying to find themselves under a new coach). South Florida and Kentucky could be dangerous due to some of their talent but they just don't match up overall with Florida's talent. The Alabama/LSU back-to-back's is very interesting. If they beat Bama do they see a let-down against LSU?

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