Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Really Want the Gators to Beat Them the Most This Football Season

Ok, I've been a Florida Gator fan since roughly 1990, and ever since I've looked forward to the annual UF-UGA matchup. This season I'm tempted to say that I really want the Gators to chomp some charred Bulldog, but the memory won't let it rest. I'm talking about the memory of last year's SEC Championship game against the Crimson Tide of 'Bama. Sure the Bulldogs are arguably our most hated rival, but I just don't see them as a threat to anyone this year. Sorry Bulldogs.

Aside from the 32-13 debacle the Gators took from the Tide, I'm anxious to see how Alabama reacts to the loss of nine defensive starters. Sure the Gators lost the greatest offensive player in school history, but as always we have the speed to make any defensive coordinator shiver. I've been hearing too much talk about how fortunate Alabama is to bring back their offensive core. Greg McElroy (QB), Julio Jones (WR), and that darn backfield tandem, Trent Richardson and defending Heisman winner, Mark Ingram.

Never mind losing Spikes, Dunlap, and Haden, the Gators will be returning a pretty stunning secondary. Also, to replace Brandon Spikes we have rising star Jelani Jenkins who's geared up to replace him. He's a little undersized for a MLB at 225lbs, but the two time Mr. Maryland runs a 4.40. The Gators also managed to sign a total of three 5-star recruits on the defensive side of the ball. And they all play on the defensive line. Don't think that coach Urban Meyer is all about scoring points.

In my opinion, the Gators are a lock for winning the SEC East once again. Given a returning quarterback and Nick Saban's knack for play calling, I see 'Bama taking the West once again too! This season's game in Tuscaloosa will surely be crucial in terms of Gator confidence. We upset the Tide on their field and you're looking at some serious drama going down in Atlanta this December. C'mon Gator nation, you know you really want to see 'Bama go down!


Kevin said...

I love it. As a Georgia fan I can definitely see your point of view. It's the same point of view from the UGA/GT rivalry in that Georgia has really controlled that rivalry over the last decade. I don't think Florida fans should see Georgia as a big of a threat as we see them. That being said, if Georgia can simply limit penalties and not turn the ball over on every single possession (like we did all year last year) we are going to surprise some folks. We are young but we are very athletic and explosive at the skill positions. You know the defense is going to be better (we just don't know if it will be a marked improvement) and if Aaron Murray can just manage a game like a John Parker Wilson or David Greene instead of Joe Cox then it will be a fun year. I think 2011 or 2012 is when Georgia will really hit it's stride based on the young talent we have and are getting.

I love the early build for the Bama/Florida game. That's the biggest game on the SEC schedule this year.

J.Martin said...

I believe Bama/Florida has even supplanted LSU/Florida as CBS's "Game of the Year" night broadcast. LES FAILS AGAIN.

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